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Crafts For All

Want to pick up new hobbies? Craftwork has become very popular during this covid-19 period. Crafting is an interesting way to pass time and feel productive.

There’s nothing that I love doing during my free time or at home like crafting. It makes me excited! Every time I get into it new ideas start flooding in and I come up with beautiful arts.

It also comes in handy during the kids’ summer holidays. Kids love trying out new things. And there are just so many DIY craft works to choose from.

The Popularity of Craft Kits

Some crafts which were used in ancient times have become very popular in this modern times. Crafting can be complicated when you don’t have the kits. Craft kits are very popular because it provides all materials and instructions I need for specific craftwork in one kit. Whether knitting, home decors, embroidery, baking, sewing, or painting kits.

I find craft kits very convenient and time-saving. I don’t have to shop for one item at different places. Only to find an item missing and I’m forced to go back to the store again.

Craft kits come in handy when I’m not familiar with a project or certain skills. But at the end of it all, I find myself coming up with creative and satisfactory crafts to display.

Let’s take a look at the origin and background of craft kits.

The Origin and Background of Craft kits

Crafting such as sculptures, pottery, and jewel waking have been around for centuries. Some have gained popularity over the years more than others.

An example is embroidery which continues to spread through the internet and social media.

Quilting is very popular in America. Sung Kim, trend manager at JOANN reported that Quilting in America is commonly practiced today, has been in existence since the colonies were first made by Europeans.

Here is a brief history of my favorite and most popular crafts today.

• Knitting: Knitting is one of the most ancient forms of crafts. It originated from Syria and Egypt.
It was practiced during the revolutionary war. Knitters would come together and make and mend garments for their fighters.

Until today knitting is very popular. For me, knitting is a hobby. I can make clothes for myself, loved ones, or donations.

• Crotchet: It goes way back to the 16th century. It is traced back to places like England and France and parts of South America and Arabia.
It was famously known by different names like “crotchet lace” or “chain lace.” It was used to make fish nets, home decors, and nets to catch animals.

• Embroidery: It’s practiced in most parts of the world today. It dated back to China between the 3rd and 5th century BC. Also, China was the first country to discover silk.
• Beadwork: Beadwork has been practiced worldwide for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were the main beadwork makers.
Ancient tribes like native Americans and ancient Egyptians put together objects both natural and animal bones. It was used for protection, beauty and to show status.

Native Americans viewed beadwork and quilting as sacred.

Crafts For Kids

Want to keep your kid distracted? Is your kid bored? What better way of keeping kids busy during holidays than crafting? Otherwise, they will spend all day on their electronics or rooms. Doing nothing! Or fighting with their siblings. It can get messy when kids are an idol.

Kids love exploring new things. Let your kid embrace their artistic side. Creativity helps kids develop mentally. Trust me your kid will enjoy crafting. They might even find a hobby in it. Let them craft on!

Not all kids are crafty. But crafting can be learned especially the easy ones. But you can use crafts to teach your kids numbers, letters, and drawing.

Apart from mental development, there are other benefits of crafting such as improved fine motor coordination like holding a pencil. Also, it boosts kids’ self-confidence.

I find crafting to be a good bonding me with kids. Helping your kids paint, knit or color, creates a tight bond and good memories.

Here are some crafts kids can participate in

1. Paper Crafts
Paper crafts can brighten every kid’s gloomy or boring day. The list of what kids can craft using paper is endless. And the best part is, the papers are cheap. Here are some examples of simple paper crafts for kids.

• DIY hungry caterpillar: It’s very simple to make it only requires crayons, scissors, glue, and paper.
• Pinwheel: Super simple. Needs only paper. Crayons can be used although not necessary. Perfect for birthdays and baby shower decorations.
• Cute paper rainbow: Kids love colors. This is the perfect project for your kid to learn rainbow colors.
• Paper baskets: Needs a string, paper, and doily. It’s perfect to store candy or flowers.
• Monster Mouth Envelopes: Only papers and markers or crayons are required.
1. Paper Plates Crafts
Paper plate crafts are projects your kid can do for classroom projects or at home for fun. Paper plate crafts are very economical and simple to make. These are some cool paper plate craft projects for kids.

• Butterfly craft: Your kid can make a cool butterfly using a paper plate, colors, or markers. Very simple to make and keep kids busy.
• Paper plate Water Lily: Girls love flowers. Water lily plates will excite girls. They can use it to decorate their bedrooms.
• Paper plate Christmas tree: Kids love Christmas trees. This is the perfect craft during the Christmas season.
1. Rock Art Crafts
Rocks can be used o create crafts. If you visit a river you can pick a few rocks for crafting. I get crafting rocks from craft stores. Kids can paint, color, and decorate the rocks into anything they want depending on their creativity.

1. Slime Crafts
Slime crafts are very easy to make. It’s good for play and passing time. It has its ingredients used to make different smells and colors or glitters. For example a galaxy slimy.

1. Origami Crafts
Origami is very popular because it’s very economical. There are a ton of things can make using origami paper. It’s cool for kids and its benefits in fine motor development. Some examples of origami crafts are origami puppies, origami bookmarks, and origami flowers.

1. Play Dough Crafts
I know you thinking about how a kid will make dough on their own. You think it’s super hard right? It’s very simple. Dough crafts can be made in less than 5 minutes. It’s super fun to make and keep the kids busy.

Some kids are not crafty and that’s fine. However here are some methods that I use to engage kids in crafting.

• Painting: Kids are fascinated by colors. They can draw their imaginary world through painting. Painting provokes their creativity. You can engage with your kids by painting together.
I also find painting a fascinating activity for me. Every time I splash paint on paper I feel some satisfaction. It arouses my creativity and above all it’s fun.

Painting is a good way of keeping and engaging your kids indoors. All you need is a painting brush, paper, and paint. Let your kids paint anything they like or enjoy painting.

• Paper Crafts: It allows your kids to be creative and learn new things. You can engage your kid by first making something then present it to the kid.
Or you can teach the kids how to make something like a boat step by step as the kid make their own.

• Modeling with clay: You can also engage your kids in making a variety of items like cars, puppies, shapes, cups, numbers, letters, and pots with artificial clay.

Craft Kits Ideas For Kids

• Glitter Dots Craft Kits: Kids love glitters. This kit contains glitters of different colors which can be used for decorations. They are rolled up into ball shape and you smash them into whatever item you want to decorate. Also, it’s not messy.
• Picture mosaic: It very easy to use. You just peel and stick them on whatever you want. They come in a variety of pictures such as trees and animals.
• Rock painting Kit: This craft kit comes in handy for those who don’t live near rivers. The kit contains all the material you need for rock painting including rocks.
• Coloring set: It comes with all sets of colors. Your kid can color their drawing until they see fit.
• Decorating craft kit: It comes with a variety of shapes, textures, and colors such as googly eyes, colored feathers, and lolly sticks.
• Cut and stick kit: Come with all materials needed for cutting and sticking such as glue, scissors, stapler, and tapes. Very easy to use and less messy.

Crafts For Bored Teens And Tweens

Handling teenagers is very difficult. Teens and tweens don’t like to be controlled. A good way to prevent teens from sneaking out, attending parties, and spending the whole day with machines is crafting.

There are tons of things to engage your tweens and teens in crafts. I’m going to give you some craft for your tweens and teens that will work. I know you won’t miss one or two that will work for them.

Duct Tape Crafts

I find duct tape crafts very easy to use and it’s never messy. There are many amazing things duct tape can make. You can use it instead of fabric but the best part is there is no sewing.

You can make amazing things such as:

• Jewelry: You can use it to make jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets.
• If you are not sure of how to do this you can buy a duct tape craft kit to get started or watch a tutorial on youtube.
• Duct tape book cover
• Duct tape shoes
• Duct tape phone
• Duct tape wallet
Paracord Crafts

Paracord is a nylon rope that comes in different colors and patterns. It’s popular for its use in survival applications. There are many things you can make with a paracord, like a paracord keyholder, bracelet, hammock chair, and bookmarks.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Instead of buying bracelets for your friends, why not make one yourself. Handmade gifts are more valuable than bought ones.

And not because bought ones are bad, but because handmade gifts show you took your time to make it.

Paper Crafts

There a many things tweens and teens can have fun making using papers. Here are some examples.

• Paper bracelet: You can make a folded paper bracelets in just a few steps. It’s very simple to make and also economical. You can make it for yourself, your friends, or your siblings.
• Paper Bag Stars: You can make them and even decorate them by painting.
• Origami Photo frame: Why not make paper frames instead of buying frames. It gives you a sense of pride every time you look at the picture.
• Colorful Paper stars: Colors are fascinating. This paper star has 16 points and each of the 16 has a different color.
Pom Pom Crafts

If you are looking for a way to get creative try pom pom crafts. You can make items such as pompom earrings, cactus, bookmarks, letters, and animals.

Homemade slime

Making homemade slime might seem more like a kids activity but, it’s not. Tweens and teens can still enjoy making slime too. The main ingredients you need s borax, food color, and glue.

Some of the things you can make with slime are galaxy slime, glow in the dark slime, and fluffy slime.


You can create tons of things with beads like a beaded necklace, bowl, keyholder, cactus earrings, and bracelets.

You don’t have to have skills as it’s easy. You need glue, string, and beads. And you can make pretty much anything you want using whatever colors you love.

Clay Crafts

Do you want to keep your favorite scent close? You can make your air diffuser clay by mixing it with your favorite flavors and scents. You can make items such as necklaces using clay.

Knitted Crafts

Kitting is a very interesting activity. It might not be easy to do but, once you acquire the skill it becomes easy.

You can engage your tweens and teens in the house by buying them a knitting kit. Challenge them into making what they love. Or better yet do it together!

You can challenge them to make throw pillows knitted cases or throw blankets.

Crafts For Adults

I love crafting because it keeps me busy when at home. Also, I find a sense of pride every time I make something beautiful. Deep inside I applaud myself like, “Wow! Good job.”

I have made some crafts as part of my hobbies and, you try it too. Below are some crafts for adults that you should try.

Homemade Candle Making

The good thing about making your candles is you get to create them with the scents, shapes, and colors of your choice.

You can get yourself a candle making kit and make one. After you master the skills you can be replacing the finished ingredients without buying a whole kit.

Home Made Soap

Yes, you can make your scented soap with the fragrance of your choice. You can even make more and sell to your friends according to their orders.

Lip Balm Making

Did you know you can make your homemade lip balm? If you can buy your lip balm why not make one for yourself. Grab yourself a lip balm kit and start making one using your favorite flavors.


For most people who paint, painting is their hobby or profession. But you can do the painting for fun and to pass time.

How can you get bored when you can paint pretty much anything. You can paint your room or house. All you need is paint, a painting brush, and paper if you want to paper paint.

Painting is very fascinating. Splash that paints on that piece of paper and sees what you can come up with. It might give you new ideas on what to do.


Calligraphy is not just writing letters on paper or envelop, it has its artistic side. You can save some money you would have used printing invitation letters and write them yourself.

You can also make a homemade birthday card for your kids and calligraph and decorate it or paint it.

You can learn step by step process from youtube tutorials or buy a calligraphy kit and learn from the instructions.

Colorful cocktail glasses

You can make eye-catching cocktail glasses using simple materials of sticky vinyl.

Hanging Shelf

The DIY hanging shelf is very easy to make. You only need wood, a driller, and macramé cording. It can be of use in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Nesting Make Up Organizer

If you are a make-up lover. This is the perfect DIY craft. It makes your make-up table orderly appealing.

Floral Frames

Do you have an old wooden frame at your home? Well, you can give it an entirely new look with floral papercrafts. You only need paper, paints, and decorations like glitter.

Simple Yarn Garlands

Yarn garlands are versatile for use during parties or just for home décor. The vintage look it brings adds a little flavor to a plain room.

Embroidered Sweater Or Denim

Nothing stands out than a customized piece of cloth. It takes a plain look to another level.

Famous Craft Influencers

Influencers inspire us and influence our hobbies and dreams. They earn a lot of attention, especially from their fans and followers.

Here are some of the most famous craft influencers:

Adam Beasley

Popularly known as LazyGuyDIY on Instagram. He is a carpenter who never did any formal carpentry learning. He learned it from his father who did various construction projects.

He gives a variety of tutorials on woodworks, repairs, and furniture building. The influencer is popular because:

• Adam’s skills are on another level.
• He gives detailed and systematic simple instructions.
• The end products never disappoint.

Rebekah Marshall

Rebekah does handmade embroidery. Her work is exquisite and eye-catching.

She is famous because she shares her crafts on Instagram for the whole world to see. It is accessible to anyone.

John and Sherry Petersik

They are home decorators famously known as Young House Love on Instagram. The couple has over 3000 home décor projects on their Instagram page. There’s no doubt the couple is doing a great job.

The couple is now popular and the pictures are living proof. They make home décor part of their lifestyle from shelf and kitchen arrangement and wall decors.

Another interesting fact about the couple is they advise people on waste elimination.

Jennifer Hadfield

The art and crafts influencer with a page on Instagram known as Tatertotsandjello has gorgeous designs.

She’s popular for her amazing tutorials on kids’ projects such as slime making, papercrafts. She shows all the activities for kids to make their holiday busy and memorable.

Mimi G

Mimi is a great fashion designer. She learned her sewing prowess from her aunt in Puerto Rico.

She is very popular for her gorgeous unique designs and her simple clear instructions. She gives tips and tricks for sewing. Also, she posts it o her social media platform for every to see.

She advises on how to turn different clothes into something more unique. For example how to turn your sweatshirt into a crop top.

Additionally, she does DIY fabric tutorials. And the best part is she launched an online sewing school. Isn’t that amazing!

Crafting is fascinating. I hope you did find a craft idea that inspired you to start doing it. Or to engage your kids in. Don’t allow yourself or your kids to get bored all day. Yet there are so many craft ideas to choose from.

Also, remember you don’t have to be crafty to do it. It’s like a skill and it is learned slowly. There are so many tutorials on the social media platform to learn from. Or better yet, instructions from craft kits.

Most importantly, have fun crafting!

Artist Paintbrushes And How To Choose The Right One

The true origins of the paintbrush are not known as there is evidence that they were used in some way more than twelve thousand years ago. It was China though that made them become a normal thing and really used. A Chinese man by the name of Meng Tian, who was a general during the Qin Dynasty, is reported to have invented the paintbrush to use for writing with ink.

The first versions were made using bamboo for the handles and different kinds of animal fur, which animal fur depended on the sturdiness wanted. The paintbrush was introduced to the Western world thanks to a Tuscan painter by the name of Cennino Cennini. Over the years, the paintbrush has evolved, and now there are so many different kinds available for people to choose from.

It is no surprise that artists can often feel overwhelmed when trying to pick the right one to use. It really depends on what type of paint is being used and what styles of brushstrokes are desired. When I first got started, I struggled to find the right one and could have used someone walking me through the process of picking the right one.

How Do I Choose An Artist’s Paintbrush?

There are a lot of different things that can play into picking out the right paintbrush and some very important things that should be considered before buying any. I never fully realized how important using the proper paintbrush was until I started getting into painting. I was amazed at how much easier it is to paint when I have a paintbrush that does more of the work for me.

Below is the things that I found are most important to keep in mind when picking the right kinds of paintbrushes to use.

1. Shapes of Brushes

There are four different shapes that the bristles of the brushes can be found in. Each shape has its own look and works best for different types of brush strokes. It is important to pick the right shape for what is being painted.

Paintbrush Shapes

  • Round
  • Square (Bright)
  • Filbert
  • Script (Line)
  • Fan
  • Angle

The round shape has a circular base and usually ends in a fine point but can end in a broken circular point. The square shape looks like a square when looking at it from one side and thin from another, and a filbert brush has the same look as a square brush just with a rounded top end instead of straight. Script brushes are the skinniest ones that are basically one long thin point.

The fan brush I have found is perfect for creating texture on trees because of the bristles being so spread out. An angled brush is made similar to a square brush but instead of a square end, it is angled in towards the handle, making it great for curved lines.

2. Brushes for Detail Work

When I am going to be doing anything with a lot of fine details, I prefer to use round and script brushes in different sizes. The shape of them makes it easier when I want to create a small detail, such as simple dots for freckles on a person’s face. Also, a lot of shapes can be made from a simple brushstroke of a round brush.

A script brush is perfect for creating those thin eyelashes or a sparkle in the eye.

3. Brushes for Edging

The only brush shape I will use when it comes to edging is a square brush. That means I tend to use a square brush when I am creating things such as houses or geometric shapes. Making a straight line is always hard, but this brush helps a lot.

4. Brushes for Blending

Blending is a great way to add some more dimension to a painting, such as shading. Now, there are a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to the right kind of brush for this. I personally prefer to use a filbert brush when it comes to smaller areas.

If I happen to be painting a larger area, I tend to use a chip brush, which artists usually stay away from because of its size and sturdy bristles. These bristles are what helps me create a smooth blend in my art.

5. Paint Choice and Bristle Type

The types of bristles can be broken down into two simple types: natural and synthetic. The type of paint that is being used will play into the type of bristles that should be used, which I will touch on further down. To put it simply though, oil painting involves chemicals that will destroy synthetic brushes quickly.

Natural bristles work better at absorbing the oil paint and then transferring it onto the canvas smoothly. Where acrylic paint is thicker, synthetic bristles are better because they will not absorb the paint. This makes it easier to transfer the paint to the canvas.

6. Size

When I am talking about size, I mean the size of the bristle end, not the size of the whole paintbrush. I will say though that I do not like using paintbrushes that have wide or thick handles though because they are harder for me to hold for long periods of time. The bristles are the part that matter though.

When it comes to painting, the right size of the bristle end will make the task easier. When I am priming a material or painting the background, I will use a thick ended brush. On the other hand, a large end makes it impossible to create fine details, such as shading.

7. Brush Care

This is the least important thing but still important enough that I am going to mention it. I found it surprising how much goes into maintaining good paintbrushes. For example, brushes for oil paints have to be washed in a certain way.

The types of bristles matter as well because natural bristles can frizz easily if not washed properly. Synthetic bristles are by far the easiest to clean as all they require is a rinse in some soapy water.

What Are The Best Paintbrushes For Artists?

There are so many different sets of paintbrushes that can be bought, that I felt overwhelmed when I was first shopping. I quickly learned though that there are different levels when it comes to paintbrushes. By this, I mean that some work better for beginners while some are best for professionals.

Now, it is important to know what set is recommended for each level as well as what the different levels are. Below is a quick list of some of the best choices and what they are best for.

  1. Student Brushes: Blick Scholastic Golden Taklon Brushes, Set of 5
  2. Affordable Acrylic Brushes: Liquitex Basics Brushes, Set of 6
  3. Hog Bristle Brushes: Utrecht Natural Chungking Pure Bristle Brushes, Set of 4
  4. Best Oil Brushes: Richeson Grey Matters Bristle Oil Brushes, Long Handle, Set of 6
  5. Best Value Pack of Craft Brushes: Blick Essentials, Set of 25
  6. Best Travel Set of Brushes: Richeson Plein Air Travel Brushes, Set of 7
  7. Best Luxury Watercolor Brushes: Da Vinci Casaneo and Cosmotop Spin Synthetic Brushes, Wood Box Set
  8. Best Sable Brushes: Old Holland Kolinsky Sable Brush Easel, Set of 12
  9. Best Natural Handcrafted Brushes: Escoda Gradilo Kolinsky Tajmyr Sable Brushes, Set of 6

What Are The Best Paintbrushes To Use For Acrylic Painting?

As I have stated before, the best types of brushes for acrylic paints have synthetic bristles, but that by no means narrows down the options. I have gone through a lot of different sets over the years, and seven different sets stood out to me the most that I will always remember them.

1. Komina Acrylic Paint Brush Set of 15

I have found that this are the best ones to get for someone who is new to painting. Not only does the set give a large variety to choose from when painting, it is also very affordable even with their being so many size and type options within the set.


  • Wide Range of Brushes
  • Different Sizes of Brushes
  • Afordable
  • Protective Carrying Case


  • Too Simple for Professionals

2. Dainayw Paint Brushes, Acrylic Paint Brush Set of 12

This set has almost all of the different kinds one would need for professional painting, and it is very affordable. The thing I learned though early on is that cheap definitely means low quality as these ones did not last long with constant use.


  • Afforable
  • Most Types of Brushes Included
  • Good Quality


  • Not Very Durable
  • Hard to Clean Without Damaging

3. Artbrush Tower 24 Piece Acrylic Paint Brush Set

This is one of the best sets I found for giving all of the different possible types of brushes that I might need for painting. The price is not as cheap as the one above, but it is still very affordable for the number of brushes offered.


  • Well Priced for Large Quantity
  • Freedom of Choice for Size and Type
  • Fair Durability


  • Not Professonally Durable
  • Small Handle

4. D’Artisan Paint Brush Set of 15 for Acrylic, Watercolour and, Oil Painting

This is one of the best sets I would recommend for a professional that is looking for a good verity of brushes. They are made to be very durable, and they are still cheap enough to be used by hobbyist.


  • Durable Design
  • Range of Brush Options
  • Durable and Compact Storage Case
  • Caters to Professionals


  • High Price

5. Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brush Set of 10 for Acrylic Paint

This is a nice professional set of brushes that are reasonably priced. They are not as cheap as some sets though because they are made for professionals. I love the excellent quality and durablilty that can be found in this set.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Brush Container
  • Use for Almost Any Paint


  • Larger Sets at Same Price

6. Decospark Acrylic Paint Set with Three Fan Brushes

When I bought a set for a young cousin of mine that wanted to get into painting, this is the set I bought. It is a detailed set made just for people who are beginning in the field of painting and want to use acrylic paints. Now, I also bought additional brushes because this set only has three brushes included.


  • Excellent for Beginners
  • Different Types Included
  • Full Set of Tools


  • Only Three Brushes

7. Artist Specialty Shop Set of Artist Paint Brushes

This is a great set if the type of brush wanted is filbert as that is what this set contains. I bought this set because I like using filbert brushes for details, but it is definitely not a set I use on its own since it is only one kind of brush.


  • Excellent Qualty
  • Soft Strokes
  • Range of Filbert Brushes
  • Cleans Easily


  • Only One Type of Brush
  • No Wireless

What Art The Best Paintbrushes To Use For Oil Painting?

As I have stated before, the best types of brushes for oil paints have natural bristles, which means the bristles are made from animal hairs, but that by no means narrows down the options. I have gone through a lot of different sets over the years, and seven different sets stood out to me the most that I will always remember them.

1. Virtuoso 15 Piece Fine Paintbrush Set

This set is honestly a steal for the price it is listed for as they are made very durable and stands up to a lot of use. I like how comfortable the handles are to hold, and the pouch makes it easy to take these on the go.


  • Variety of Choices of Size and Type
  • Affordable
  • Pouch for Storage
  • Apt Handle


  • None

2. Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes Set of 15

This set has a great variety of types of brushes as well as sizes of each type. They perfectly met the expectations I had when I bought them and are easy to use though I noticed some shedding after a while.


  • Variety of Types and Sizes
  • Storage Pouch
  • Competitively Priced
  • Cleans Easily


  • Bristles Shed
  • Not for Professionals

3. D’Artisan Shoppe Paint Brushes for Oil Gauache Paint

This brand is a very well known one for artists, so it is surprising that the value was as good as it is. They are a very durable set of brushes, which does mean the price is on the higher side but cheaper then what is normally found for this brand.


  • No Shedding or Bristle Damaging
  • Durable Travel Case
  • Natural Hog Hair
  • Cleans Easily


  • Pricey

4. Artify 15 Pieces Professional Paint Brush Set

The price is what got my attention when it came to this set, and I can say I will forever watch what I buy. I now know that a high price does not instantly mean great quality. There are a lot of drawbacks to this set, but it is still a nice set.


  • Pure Hog Hair
  • Solid Wooden Handle
  • No Hardening or Shedding Bristles
  • Professiona Grade


  • Cheap Carrier Box
  • Too Expensive

5. Nicpro Detail Paint Brush Set

The shape of the handle on these things are heavenly, and I love to use them when I am painting for long periods of time. They are reasonably priced for being such fine professional brushes. The bristles are fine and make this set a good buy.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Accessories Included
  • Carrier Pouch and Cylindrical Container
  • Fine Bristles
  • Handle Shapes are Amazingly Comfortable


  • None

6. Amagic Set of Anti-Shedding Fan Brushes

Fan brushes are the most commonly used when it comes to oil painting, so it is no surprise that this is an exclusively fan brush set. The set is priced nicely for what is being got, and this is one of the sets that I used alongside others so I have plenty of brush options.


  • Aforable
  • Great Fan Brushes
  • Hog Bristles
  • No Shedding


  • Hard to Clean
  • Damages Easily

7. Santa Fe Art Supplies Paint Brush Set

I honestly would not buy this set again if given the choice. I love the fact that they are large tipped brushes, which are great for shading and fading with oil paints, but they are not worth their price. They are priced for professionals but not durable like what a professional needs.


  • Variey of Large Tipped Brushes
  • Accessories Included
  • Pouch and Stand Included
  • Variety of Styles
  • Premium Handles


  • Inadequate Quality
  • Noticeable Shedding
  • Hard to Clean

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of different things that can play into picking the perfect paintbrushes to use. It all depends on what the artist needs and what works best for them. I have worked hard to find what works best for me, but I am also always trying new kinds and falling in love with them.

As long as there are more advances made, there will always be the possibility of something better out there. I hope that this helps an aspiring artist or even a professional pick the best brushes for them, but I would always recommend doing some thorough research before ever buying.